BLU3 Nomad Mini & Nemo Battery
BLU3 Nomad Mini & Nemo Battery

BLU3 Nomad Mini & Nemo Battery

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Elevate Your Underwater Adventures with the Nomad Mini Battery

The diving community thrives on innovation and the pursuit of extended, richer underwater experiences. At BLU3, we've embraced this challenge, introducing the Nomad Mini Battery - a leap forward in diving power solutions. With a 20% greater capacity than the Nemo's 72Wh battery, it promises longer dives and memories. Furthermore, its universal compatibility ensures it's a perfect fit not just for the new Nomad Mini, but also for your beloved Nemo Dive System. stay longer, and embrace the future of diving with the Nomad Mini Battery.

Nomad Mini Battery Highlights:

20% Increased Capacity: The Nomad Mini Battery packs a punch with its 86 Wh capacity - 20% more than the Nemo batteries.
Universal Design: Despite its increased capacity, it retains the same size and shape, making it compatible with the Nemo Dive System.
Boosted Performance: Paired with the DiveBoost™ Kit, enjoy multiplied dive time and take your underwater adventures further.
Shipping Advantages: Reduced shipping limitations due to its 86 Wh capacity compared to the Nomad.

Why It's Perfect for Nemo Owners:

Enhanced Dive Duration:

The Nomad Mini battery boasts a 20% increased capacity over the traditional Nemo battery. This means more time underwater and the opportunity to explore and enjoy the aquatic world to its fullest.

Future-Ready Compatibility:

As BLU3 continues to innovate and expand its product range, upgrading to the Nomad Mini battery ensures that Nemo owners are equipped with the latest technology. This ensures seamless compatibility with future enhancements and accessories.

Optimized Cost Efficiency:

Instead of investing in an entirely new dive system, Nemo owners can get the benefits of extended dive times and future product compatibility by simply upgrading the battery. It's a cost-effective way to elevate the diving experience without the expense of a complete system overhaul.


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