Garrett 6x11
Garrett 6x11

Garrett 6x11" Viper DD Searchcoil For Ace Series

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 Garrett 6x11" Viper DD Searchcoil For Ace Series



Product Description

Amplify your metal detecting prowess with the specialized Garrett 6″ X 11″ DD Viper™ Search Coil, meticulously crafted to integrate seamlessly with traditional ACE model detectors. This advanced search coil delivers precision and efficiency to your treasure hunting endeavors.

Key Features:

  • Traditional ACE Compatibility: Specifically engineered for traditional ACE model detectors, this coil ensures a seamless pairing for optimized performance.
  • Elliptical Advantage: The 6" x 11" elliptical DD coil shape enhances your ability to pinpoint targets accurately, expanding your chances of uncovering valuable finds.
  • Weather-Resistant Build: With its waterproof design, this coil is well-equipped to handle various environments, broadening your detecting opportunities.

Please Note: The Garrett 6″ X 11″ DD Viper™ Search Coil is designed exclusively for traditional ACE model detectors and is not compatible with the Garrett ACE Apex metal detector.


  • Garrett Ace 100
  • Garrett Ace 150
  • Garrett Ace 200
  • Garrett Ace 250
  • Garrett Ace 300
  • Garrett Ace 350
  • Garrett Ace 400
  • Garrett EuroACE


  • 6" x 11" Search Coil
  • Elliptical Coil Shape
  • DD Coil Type
  • Waterproof